Frequently Asked Questions 

Frequently Asked Questions from our customers

Q. Do I need to be at the inspection?


A. It is not necessary for you to be at the On-site inspection; however, you are welcome to be there if you wish too. Our inspector will be mainly focused on the inspection, so they can complete their work in the given time frame. You will receive a phone call straight after the inspection with a verbal rundown of the vehicle's condition and the inspector's findings. You will receive a detailed, comprehensive report within two hours of the initial inspection with pictures of the car and any faults found via email.


Q. How long does the inspection take?


A. Inspections can take between 1-2 hours depending on the vehicle’s condition at the time of inspection, the more faults the vehicle has the longer it will take our inspectors to document them.


Q. How much notice will be needed to conduct an inspection?


A. Depending on or availability and the location of the inspection, usually 1 day before is adequate, but in some cases, we can do the inspection on the same day as the booking.


Q. Do you visit private homes for inspections?


A. Yes, our services are mobile, and inspections can be carried out at the home, workplace or car dealership. 


Q. Do you do a diagnostic scan on the Vehicle?

A. All inspections included a diagnostic scan of the ECU to ensure no fault codes are present or stored in the vehicles history.



Q. Do you carry your own insurance?


A. Yes, all our inspectors have the appropriate insurance to carry out our inspections.



Q. Can you do classic or muscle car inspections?


A. Yes, we inspect classic cars, whether its left-hand or right- hand drive. We can tell you if the vehicle has had a good conversion or not, engine and driveline conversions, if the body is rusted or not repaired properly.





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