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Body and Chassis Car Inspection

Body and Chassis inspection is one of the most major parts of the inspection, some sellers can be misleading about the vehicles accident history and some sellers are unaware.


All our inspections include a PPSR report which will indicate to us if the vehicle is a repaired write-off or has other security interests such as finance owing.

 We do not advise purchasing a repaired write-off. Full comprehensive insurance can be unattainable from some insures if the vehicle has such prior damage history.


During our body and chassis inspection every panel is carefully inspected for scratches, dints or prior repair work. Every Panel is tested for paint depth consistency, this technique will also indicate to us of any suspected repairs.

Key points covered in our Body and Chassis Car Inspection:

Major body repairs

Scratches and Dints

Paint depth testing to all panels


 Door operations

Reverse Lights

Hazard lights


Fog Lamp condition and operation


Turn signals opearation


Number plate lights


Tail Lights