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"Ridecheck Vehicle inspections is a Melbourne based vehicle inspection company which specialises in mobile pre-purchase inspections. Unless you're a mechanic, It's hard to determine whether a car is in good, safe working condition, our thorough inspections and highly detailed reports will help you better understand what you're really buying!"


We inspect anywhere in Melbourne 7 days a week, So our clients don't miss out. Our company is personalized, so we don't overbook to ensure our clients get the best possible service guaranteed!


Our mobile car inspections start from as little as $190.00incl. Prices can vary on the location of the inspection and the type of vehicle you're looking at.


Our Technicians are Highly trained and experts in the Automotive trade. All our inspectors hold Valid Roadworthy accreditation in Victoria.

 Pre-Purchase Car Inspection in Melbourne

Purchasing a used car is a Large financial investment and comes with some risk's even if the vehicle is of near new condition. 


Their are many options and considerations such as, What type of car you want to buy? Where to buy it? How to purchase it? How to know if the vehicle has any hidden electrical or mechanical faults? Is the seller hiding problems or just not aware of them?

All these play a major factor in the car buying process and our company has been designed to make the process a lot easier and let you buy with confidence.

Onsite Mobile inspections

We can inspect any Vehicle anywhere in Melbourne with our fully equipped mobile service. Our mobile inspections come to you whether its a private sale, dealership vehicle, at home or work we have you covered. We can inspect Vehicles on your behalf if your interstate, our reports will insure you know exactly what your really buying!

100% Independent Car Inspections 


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To enquire about our Mobile Car Inspections, Please fill out the form below.

Our Pre-purchase inspections are 100% independent and have absolutely no affiliations with dealers in Melbourne. Some larger inspection company's can hide faults from dealerships and mislead their customers.

As we are Independent we work sole for the buyer ONLY to give them the honest truth and a transparent report.

All Makes and Models of Vehicles

We are quite versatile with our inspections and can inspect a broad range of vehicles, We specialize in Prestige and European Vehicles, Japanese imports, 4wd's and off-road Vehicles commercial Vehicles and light trucks, Motor homes and Campervans, Muscle Cars and Classics. 

Whichever Vehicle your intending on purchasing we have the equipment and know how to make sure your getting a gem and not a Lemon!

Our comprehensive car inspections include:

Visual inspection of all Mechanical components such as Engine, Transmission, Driveline

Underbody components such as Suspension, brakes, exhaust and 4wd components

Inspection of Body condition, this includes paint thickness measurement, Prior accident detection and rust.

Interior seat belts, Air conditioning system, trims, seat condition, switches etc

Road test included with all inspections, we check braking, performance, Transmission, Handling etc.

Report contains photos of the vehicle and all detected faults and additional information which is compiled in a pdf file which is emailed to you shortly after the initial inspection.

All inspections come with a free PPSR certificate which will state any write-off history or any encumbrances. 

Our inspector will call you directly after the inspection with a verbal rundown of the vehicles condition.

We have full insurance which covers the work site and road test for buyer and sellers complete peace of mind.


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Mon - Sun: 8am - 7pm

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